Commercial Tile

Commercial floor tile needs to look great and hold up to significantly more traffic than residential floors, which means that not all floor tile designs are rated for commercial use.

The good news is that there are just as many gorgeous flooring tiles rated for commercial spaces as rated for residential spaces, so you’re never at risk of having your business floor look drab. 

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Commercial Tile

Commercial tile design is crucial, blending aesthetics and function for success.

It caters to various needs: impressing clients, comfort for workers, and optimizing space. Tiles offer durability and unique designs, ideal for high-traffic areas like offices, retail spaces, and hotels.

Factors to weigh for commercial tile flooring include technical performance, durability, and slip resistance. The PEI rating determines a tile's durability, with a rating of 3 suitable for offices and 4 for hospitality. Rating 5 handles extreme traffic in malls or large hotels. Slip resistance, evaluated through DCOF, is vital, especially in wet conditions. Natural stone tiles with textured finishes offer higher friction, ideal for safer commercial spaces."


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