Q: Some of my furniture is too heavy be moved alone, what can I do?
A: We offer light furniture moving services for common items such as cabinets, dressers, tables and chairs. For items larger, heavier, fragile or that require assembly such as a bed, we recommend contacting a moving service that specializes in moving/assembling items or pieces such as this.
Q: Does my new flooring affect my existing baseboards?
A: Depending on new flooring material be installed, baseboards my need to be detached and reset. If you would like to switch baseboards out completely, selections and color can be coordinated with your salesperson and included in the your project’s scope of work.
Q: Do I need to remove the existing flooring and what do I do with the removed material?
A: We offer removal and disposal services of most existing floor coverings. Depending on the selection of your new floor covering, this process may be optional.
Q: I believe the existing flooring in my home may contain asbestos, what can I do about this?
A: The introduction of asbestos in vinyl floor coverings begin in the 1950’s and was phased out of production in the 1980’s. However, many older residences, commercial buildings and schools still have vinyl sheets or tiles that contain asbestos. If you suspect that this may be the case in your home, the services of a professional and licensed abatement company may needed prior to the installation of your selected floor covering.
Q: My project included other trades working on my home or business. When should the flooring installation take place?
A: Flooring is usually the last trade on any given residential or commercial project. However, it is highly advised that all material and color selections be finalized with your salesperson prior to the start of your project to allow for adequate scheduling and avoid any possible delays in your overall timeline.
Q: Should I set my cabinets before or after my new floor is installed?
A: Typically, cabinets are permanent fixtures which will not be moved around as a dresser or table would. For this reason, floor coverings are usually installed after the cabinets and countertops have been installed and finished.
Q: How long will my installation take?
A: Depending on the extent of preparation, size of the project and floor covering selection(s), installations may take anywhere from a few hours to a few months. Your salesperson will be able to provide you with your final timeframe once a site assessment has been conducted and floor covering selection(s) are made.